How to choose the right shopping cart?

Driven by the new bohemian chic trend and the desire for a cleaner planet, the shopping basket and shopping bag in natural fibers is back in service. Far from the rigid wicker model of yesteryear, shapes, sizes and materials are multiplying. But what are the criteria to remember to choose a functional and durable natural running bag? Let yourself be guided...

More like a co uffin or a flat-bottomed basket?

First choose the shape of shopping bag that suits you.
With its trapezoidal structure, the flexible Moroccan-made bassinet can accommodate a large volume of shopping. Gently flared upwards, to the market it will transport fruit and vegetables without compressing them or damaging them. Originally, they were also used for the transfer on animal back of all kinds of goods.

A large flat-bottomed basket with short handles carried by hand will undoubtedly prove more practical for your grocery shopping (egg boxes, stackable preserves, bottles, etc.). For this kind of supply, beware of the overly large shopping basket which quickly becomes untransportable (very heavy?)! Leather or imitation leather handles for our vegan customers will make carrying easier, as well as long handles for carrying on the shoulder.

As you will have understood, the ideal is to buy several. The very affordable price of a handcrafted basket allows you to do so.

What material for a solid and durable shopping basket?

All Huléti baskets are woven by hand from natural and sustainable materials:

  • Large baskets in woven palm
    55 x 35 cm on average, our bassinets are woven with palm leaves. Their two-length handles are lined with cowhide or faux leather.
  • Rectangular shopping bags in Moroccan rush
    Available in 3 sizes with a nice width, they have rope handles covered in imitation leather, this year we will also have a limited series with leather handles. Natural or braided with two-tone fibers naturally dyed with minerals, what a look!
  • One Piece Braided Tote Bag in Saw Palmetto
    In 4 sizes, their finishes are particularly neat: leather or imitation leather handles, contours and leather reinforcements at the base. These models are rare and made by only a few unusual craftsmen from the Atlas Mountains!
  • Aravola baskets from Madagascar: The aravola, a very solid African fern! Designed in inlaid basketwork with colorful details, they have zebu leather handles, leather corners and scalloped edges, a very practical inside pocket and a closing tie.

Shop your style in the Huléti online store

Ready to order your handcrafted shopping basket? From the simplest to the most elegant, plain or colorful, single or multi-size format, vegan or adorned with refined leather details, you will necessarily find the model that suits you. You won't be able to do without your soft natural fiber shopping bag!

Right in the current boho ethnic chic trend, take it to the beach, picnic, park or office. And he will find many other uses in storage or interior decoration. Magazine rack in the living room, toy box in the children's room, sewing box, knitting box and also a basket for cosmetics or bath towels...

If it's the fashion accessory that appeals to you, opt for a more urban version of the aravola shopping basket. Available in 3 sizes and several colors, its African wax fabric lining will turn heads this summer. Not to mention the magnificent round or rectangular shoulder bags with superb leather or suede flaps! The essential accessory for your evenings or your shopping sprees!

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