Lights & Mirrors

Lamps , suspensions, handmade lampshades. Handcrafted mirrors. Discover the suspensions and straw lampshades marketed by the Boutique Huléti Decorative objects and more than just lighting, pendant lights are among the most preferred lights in an interior. Available in different models, they enhance and bring character to your room. The Huléti Boutique invites you to discover its wide selection of handmade straw pendant lights and lampshades to make your living rooms original and authentic. Braided straw pendant lamp: round luminaire with artisanal openwork braiding lampshade If you want a chic and cozy decoration for your home, the Huléti shop offers you different types of openwork round suspensions. You can hang or hang them in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Indeed, they adapt to all the rooms of your house without creating false notes. Designed in straw , these lights are woven by hand by talented Moroccan artisans from the Safi region. Also called straw, wicker, doum or rattan, this plant fiber is known as Halfa in Moroccan regions. It stands out for its solidity and longevity compared to other materials of plant origin intended for crafts. These suspensions are thus durable, but also ecological. In addition, this type of... Lire Plus