About Us

We are a small French company, initially based in Normandy, in the Cotentin, we are now located in the beautiful department of Charente Maritime in Saint Georges de Longuepierre.

We are simply 2 to manage this shop so any customer who contacts us or places an order on our site will be advised or served in the best possible way. This guarantees you premium and truly simple customer service.

Only 2 interlocutors at your service, we are Fanny and Loïc, creators of the Huléti brand and traders for ten years. We work only with small craftsmen without any intermediary for the Basketry and Decoration part and with French suppliers for the rest.

But "Huleti what does that mean"? It is the contraction of the first names of our 3 children, I let you guess the first names ???

See you very soon on www.boutiquehuleti.com or live in this beautiful region.

Fanny & Loic.