History of the tote bag, a shopping basket that became a fashion accessory

Why do we prefer large bags to smaller ones? Where does this desire to carry our things wherever we go come from? These questions often come up in our daily lives. According to certain sociological studies, the bag is not only a simple accessory: it is the essential piece to conceal and preserve part of our intimacy. Inside our bags are amassed items essential to our well-being and comfort. In this context, the bag completely meets our needs. Large and practical, it has followed the daily lives of women for centuries. But where does this essential accessory come from? And what has been its evolution?

From work tool to fashion accessory

The chronology of the tote bag remains unclear. Indeed, the stories contradict each other. For some specialists, the design of this piece dates back to the 19th century. But others claim that its creation dates from the 20th century. Still, at one time, the use of this basket was reserved for women working in the fields. These resorted to this imposing basket to remove the crops. In its composition and size, the shopping bag embodied hard work. Moreover, for information purposes, the etymology of tote means "container" or "hut" (depending on the language). But, over the years, this bag has metamorphosed into a shopping basket. If this use remains current, for a few years, designers and brands are nevertheless working to revolutionize the design of this unique piece: the simple shopping bag finally becomes a real fashion accessory. Now, men and women associate their bags with their outfits.

A large collection of models

The evolution of uses leads to a development of design. Nowadays, the shopping basket is available in many materials (canvas, straw, cane, wicker, palm tree or even leather). The appearance itself varies. While some customers opt for the timeless “couffin baskets”, others favor more daring shapes (such as “basket” baskets or even “suitcase” baskets). In addition, designers are also betting on a host of patterns and colors. The objective of these creations is to meet the needs and expectations of each client. As a result, whether flexible or rigid, the tote bag has become THE essential piece for all your outings.

A mix of practicality and modernity

If the shopping bag suits buyers so much, it is because it embodies a certain image of women. Formerly reduced to the simple rank of work tool, this bag has become more democratic, becoming an essential accessory, both elegant and practical. Acclaimed for its functionality, it seduces with its bohemian charm. And the signs are not mistaken: they now include various models in their catalogs. The shopping bag represents the modern, free and active woman, concerned about her balance and her appearance. In addition, the bag's ecological approach makes it the ideal companion for reasonable consumption. Adopting the shopping bag is part of a healthy and committed lifestyle.

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