kit broom and dustpan broom Wonder Brum !!! TELEACHT CLEARANCE!!!

kit broom and dustpan broom Wonder Brum !!! TELEACHT CLEARANCE!!!

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1 kit at 7.99€ = 1 broom with telescopic handle + 1 brush shovel


Rubber bristles against dirt.

Rubber bristles ideal against hair and dust.

Catches and holds dirt with static electricity.

Effective on all surfaces: tiles, parquet, carpets...

Discover the Wonder Broom, the ideal accessory for cleaning and removing dirt from your floors, carpets, blankets or even your clothes!
The Wonder Broom is equipped with rubber bristles that create an electrostatic charge, attracting hair, hair lint and other dirt. Thanks to these hard bristles, it can go to all hard-to-reach places and pick up dirt that has fallen between joints, for example.
It is effective on all surfaces, including carpets. Usable indoors and outdoors, on dry or wet ground, it is ideal for cleaning your terraces, patios, swimming pools...
Turn your Wonder Broom over to use the built-in squeegee. It allows you to evacuate the water on the ground, or to clean your windows
With the telescopic handle of the Wonder Broom broom you can easily reach any place.

The Wonder Broom brush is effective on curtains and even your clothes! Also equipped with rubber bristles, it attracts and retains all dirt.

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