lot de 100 sacs sachets de congelation

Lot of 100 freezer bags - BIG 6 Liters 30x46cm - food or other -

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Pack of 100 freezer bags: you will receive 5 boxes of 20 bags.

Large volume: 6 liters
30cm x 46cm

Professional brand: Quickpack

Ideal for freezing, but also for storing dry foods such as herbs, spices, coffee or aperitif cakes...
Ideal for DIY storage (screws, bolts, nails, etc.)
ideal for storing craft items.

Freezer bags preserve the taste and flavor of food and ideally protect it against the risk of freezer burn.
They have a marking area and are resistant to temperatures ranging from -40°C for freezing to +100°C for cooking.

Designed to withstand up to 6 kilos of goods.

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