5 occasions to wear your running bag

It is undoubtedly THE star of spring and summer , we have named: the shopping bag of course. In wicker , straw , raffia , rattan , rush ... the shopping basket will seduce you with its raw and natural appearance. Braided by hand by local artisans, appreciate its Berber , Moroccan or Malagasy influences. In addition to being aesthetic , solid and ecological, it gives your look a little bohemian spirit and immediate holiday airs. Are you still hesitating? Let us tell you the 5 ideal occasions to put on your shopping bag as soon as the sunny days arrive!

The shopping cart at the market

Unsurprisingly, the number 1 occasion to pull out your shopping bag is, of course, when you're shopping at the market or the supermarket . Logically, this is its primary function: the robustness of its leather handles is also designed and manufactured expressly for this. So do not skimp on shopping and fill it without worrying about its solidity. Fruits , vegetables , meats , cheeses and other sweets... all the products will go inside! It will become the favorite ally of gourmands and gourmets. But take our word for it, your basket will prove very useful in many situations…

The shopping cart at the beach

The fine sand under your feet, the sound of the waves in your ears, the smell of monoi in your nostrils... and your bag under your arm! You are serene and relaxed, and for good reason: it's the holidays, you're with your family and your trusty basket has managed to take everything away. Beach towels , sunscreen , books , buckets and shovels … you will be surprised at how much you can take with you. So now that you've settled in with your toes fanned out, all you have to do is enjoy!

On-the-go running tote

If lazing on a towel isn't for you, no problem: the shopping basket will follow you absolutely everywhere. Sightseeing , city walks , trips abroad … arrange your personal belongings inside and above all keep a small place to bring back a souvenir ! The little extra and not the least? It will allow you to refuse single-use bags that may be offered to you during your multiple shopping sessions.

The picnic shopping bag

Come on, let's slow down the pace a bit and enjoy the " slow life ". Why not take your pretty picnic basket to the park ? Checkered tablecloth , linen napkins , cutlery set, mixed salad and delicious brownie… you are ready for quality time with family or friends . Thank you tote !

The decorative shopping basket

A true handcrafted piece, the shopping baskets are perfect for decorating your home . Ancestral know-how, basketwork brings charm and authenticity . Natural or with colorful patterns, choose the tote bag that will bring a unique touch to your interior .

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