Why are we so attached to our wicker shopping basket?

Long sidelined for its old-fashioned side, the wicker shopping basket is getting a new lease of life. A quality craft item, it is now appreciated at its fair value. Baskets and shopping bags are available according to patterns, materials, and even uses.

Going to the market with his wicker basket, like Perrette, seduces again

With this general desire to return to basics, authenticity and anti-waste, the handcrafted shopping basket is making a comeback. We are all looking to reconnect with more responsible consumption and the choice of our shopping bag or shopping basket is one of them. Since the end of the distribution of free plastic bags, everyone has wondered about their future container. From now on, the flexible artisanal shopping bag and the straw basket are competing for this market. Different models will delight those nostalgic for the images of yesteryear, environmentally conscious ecologists and fashionistas always in the wind.

The different moments when you like to display your beautiful basket

How sweet it is to do your shopping on the market place, a straw basket under your arm! It's a good way to bring fruits, vegetables, dairy products home safely. For heavier or bulky products, the trolley is also being democratized, with original visuals. On vacation, to go to the beach or on a picnic, you take your flexible straw basket. It stores sandwiches, fruit, cereal bars, a bottle of water, sunscreen, and even a plaid. On a “shopping” trip, with friends, in the streets of the city center, we do not forget it. We like to have it on hand to find a jacket in case of a breeze, a small snack... But above all, to have space for our favorite purchases.

Diverting the primary use of the shopping basket is possible

A practical element of everyday life, as aesthetic as this one, can quickly bring desires for country decoration. In the bedroom or the hallway, it gives a certain cachet, a bit rustic, but still modern to your interior. Arrange it on a hook or casually lay it on the floor, it's an on-trend decor piece. Combine business with pleasure by storing your belongings in a flat-bottomed basket, for example. The natural materials that compose it are brought up to date with a modern design. Made with rush, straw, palm tree, the creations can be displayed because they are so pretty.

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