The 4 good reasons to adopt the wicker shopping basket this summer

For several years, the handcrafted shopping basket has been making a strong comeback in our daily lives. Its advantages are numerous: it is trendy, ecological, practical and versatile. In straw, wicker, all colors, the bag is the ideal companion for our shopping all year round.

The artisanal shopping bag: fashionable and eco-friendly

The shopping bag has become a real fashion accessory. Every year, on sunny days, magazines present us with flowery, colorful silhouettes, large flowing dresses, sandals, sunglasses... and a wicker basket. Nothing like giving a spring air to our outfits. The wicker shopping basket is chic and trendy. It comes in many colors, so you have the option to match it with your favorite outfits.

The shopping cart is environmentally friendly. With its natural and flexible materials, wicker or straw, you will have the satisfaction of owning a quality object. Durable and recyclable, it will accompany you in your shopping, but not only. It will be a particularly useful ally on vacation: on the market in the morning, for a picnic at the beach at noon. The wicker running tote fears neither the sand nor the sun, it is the ideal partner for storing towels, swimsuits, books and sunscreen!

Solidity and versatility: the other advantages of the shopping basket

The wicker shopping bag is really practical for your everyday shopping. Its entirely handmade braiding system makes it very resistant. The frames and reinforced corners allow you to fill it with peace of mind. Thanks to its material, it remains flexible, pleasant to wear, in the hand or on the shoulder thanks to its beautiful handles. You can put it on the ground without any problem, since it stands on its own, which is not the case with reusable bags.

The straw running tote is not only useful outdoors. It has its place inside the house. The shopping bag is beautiful and can therefore remain visible, placed on a shelf or in the hallway. You can even use your handmade baskets to store various everyday objects, toys, clothes, shoes, wood logs... it is also very original in a cachepot for a most natural and original decorative effect!
Personally, I use my straw shopping bags to store beach towels, hats, caps, flip-flops, during the winter. And they look great on the shelf at the top of my closet.

If the colorful straw shopping bag makes us think of summer with its bright colors blue, yellow, red, green... it can of course accompany us all year round. A wicker shopping bag, in a natural color, will be perfect with our fall or winter outfits. All you have to do is choose the basket or baskets to your liking on your favorite store, the Huléti store!

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