What are the specificities of the Huléti Boutique shopping baskets?

Are you looking for original and resistant shopping baskets that will follow you in all your daily activities? Huléti has selected a varied range of beautifully crafted shopping bags. Each of them is unique, completely handmade. Their artisanal manufacturing method and the quality of the materials used give them great solidity. Not to mention a beautiful aesthetic! Pretty, functional and durable, they adapt to all your desires and will accompany you wherever you go! Handcrafted shopping baskets : make the choice of unique quality pieces! At Huléti, we entrust the making of our shopping baskets to Moroccan, Malagasy and Portuguese craftsmen, carefully chosen for their traditional know-how and the quality of their work. They create for the Boutique Huléti unique artisanal pieces, woven by hand and made to last. With neat finishes and pretty details, their shopping bags are unique and have their own story, stemming from an entire ancestral heritage . This is what gives character to each piece made, as well as a beautiful authenticity. Discover Berber openwork weaves or traditional shopping bags from Madagascar: in addition to being useful and functional, our shopping baskets are sure to make you want to travel!

Natural and solid materials, for optimal durability of your shopping baskets

The shopping baskets offered by Huléti are made from top quality natural materials: wicker, raffia, straw, rush, rattan, reed, palm tree, aravola. Strong materials allowing pretty robust weaves. Do not be afraid to fill your bags, they even support heavy loads! Especially since they are equipped with leather handles (or rope covered with vegan-friendly imitation !) of different lengths and, for certain flat-bottomed baskets, very resistant external reinforcements. Sober, natural or original patterns? Make your choice ! Our very varied models allow you to give free rein to all your desires: turquoise braiding? A two-tone green and fuchsia tote ? A very colorful basket from Madagascar ? There is something for every taste !

Shopping bags that adapt to all your activities and will accompany you everywhere!

Ecological and reusable, our shopping baskets allow you to carry your groceries without having to use disposable bags. Use them for your daily shopping or to go to the market: it's the guarantee of a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Thanks to their large capacity, they will be invited to all your picnics and will accompany you to the beach as soon as the fine weather arrives! Don't hesitate to make it one of the trendiest accessories: the natural style of rattan, straw or wicker goes wonderfully with all summer outfits! And if you prefer our baskets at home in decoration, know that they will find their place in your house. Thanks to their different sizes, you can store or organize your personal belongings while bringing a bohemian-chic touch to your interior. It's your turn !

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