The different shopping baskets and shopping bags offered by the Huléti Boutique

Previously intended to carry beach accessories, the shopping bag is increasingly becoming part of the daily life of many people. For its practicality and ecological aspect, these baskets are used to transport groceries. Various physical and online stores specialize in the sale of this trendy accessory , including the Huléti store . The latter offers consumers a whole range of baskets and shopping bags.

Wicker basket

Known for its pleasant and natural side, it is not surprising that the shopping bag designed with wicker has been a trend for some time. It is preferred for beach outings for its spacious appearance . At the Huleti Boutique , this type of shopping bag is available in many formats to meet the needs of each user.

The colorful and natural model goes with any outfit. For this purpose, the wicker basket often replaces the classic handbag when consumers do their daily shopping .

rush basket

Obtained from an aquatic plant , the rush is a noble and chic material . Different varieties of shopping baskets made from this material are available from the Huleti Boutique . This model is very popular with consumers for the various advantages it offers.

In addition to being resistant to humidity, this type of basket is easy to maintain. Indeed, this plant fiber can retain its condition, even after long years of use. Its artisanal side can be perfectly associated with all kinds of looks, even if the bohemian & chic and boho ethnic styles are the most recommended. Not afraid of stains, this type of shopping bag is available in different weaves .

straw basket

A shopping basket made mainly from straw is ideal for sunny days. Its versatile side has made it very popular with the majority of consumers. Besides going out to the beach, it can be useful for your daily errands .

With short handles to be carried by hand , the straw basket is an adequate solution to accompany you during your shopping sessions. With long handles , it will be the ideal partner for your beach outing or picnic outing. To give more elegance to your look, it is necessary to bet on the right shade . Note that you have a wide choice of colors from the Huleti Boutique.

Rattan basket

Often confused with wicker , rattan is a material widely used in the manufacture of shopping bags , as demonstrated by the many offers on the Huleti Boutique. Available with long or short handles or as a shoulder strap, various colors and various sizes, this type of basket is perfect for any use.

Whether you wear it for summer or winter outings, this type of bag will meet your needs. Indeed, this natural material can withstand any climatic condition without its condition being degraded.

Raffia basket

Often confused with jute , raffia is distinguished by its solidity and its chic side. It is a textile fiber obtained from a shrub native to Madagascar and which is used in different sectors. If it is generally favored in the manufacture of bassinets , this material is increasingly used in the production of shopping baskets. At the Huleti Boutique , you will have a wide choice of baskets designed with this material. Available in different colors and sizes, raffia baskets are practical for shopping or going to the office. Some lined with an African wax fabric are very practical and protect your items from bad weather or prying eyes.

See you soon on the Huléti Boutique!

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