The artisanal basket: the new fashion for shopping!

The shopping basket or shopping bag as it is also called is an essential that everyone uses when the time has come to go shopping. In addition, the braided shopping bag has also become a fashion accessory that invades the beaches and the seaside!
Today , the Huleti boutique presents its hand-woven shopping baskets in Madagascar and Morocco so that you can be stylish and do your shopping in an ethical and responsible way.

Why choose a handwoven artisan shopping basket?

First of all, the basket or shopping bag is essential when you go to the markets or when you go to the store.
Indeed, an artisanal and hand-woven shopping bag reduces the consumption of plastic bags offered by supermarkets or merchants, this type of shopping bag being a scourge for the environment. By bringing your basket yourself, you will not contribute to pollution and you will be able to reuse it.
The advantage of the handmade basket is also that: being woven by hand makes it strong and durable and allows you to take it everywhere with you, for many years. It is therefore a profitable investment!
The handmade shopping basket is also the result of traditional know-how... which you will support by making this purchase.

Which model of handcrafted basket should I choose?

This is above all about your own personal tastes and desires. You should know that the Huleti store only offers running bags that are braided to be as strong and durable as possible. All models are therefore equal in terms of quality.

The design and stylish rush basket

If there is one material that has always made us fall in love, it is indeed the rush. More and more in the trend , the bangle represents the artisanal material in the raw state.
The rush shopping bags are safe bets that will accompany you for many years. Also, if we could give you even a little advice... bet on the bulrush shopping basket and take it on vacation with you, you can do some last minute shopping on the way back from the square , for example ! This hand-woven basket will also happily hold your beach essentials.

The charm of the basket basket in natural palm

The handcrafted basket in natural palm is, if we can tell you a secret, one of our favorite shopping bags. As aesthetic as it is practical, it has been able to delight our hearts and turn more than one head for many years, without losing any of its charm.
This basket has particularly attracted more and more people because it represents both solidity, simplicity and efficiency.
With a natural material such as palm and a weaving done by hand according to traditional know-how, you can be sure of being able to do your shopping or a picnic in complete peace of mind.

Of course, the Huleti shop also offers many other models of hand-woven shopping baskets . Our penchant for noble and natural materials leads us to also present models made of wicker and rattan.
Whether your heart swings for the Moroccan, Portuguese or Madagascar basket weaving technique, you will necessarily bet on authenticity and craftsmanship by buying your shopping bag in the Huleti shop.

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