Boutique Huléti: Specialist in shopping baskets and straw light suspensions

Wicker and straw are materials traditionally used for making bags and shopping bags but have been, over the years, increasingly used to make lights and suspensions. These know-how, specific to craftsmanship, are at the heart of the objects offered to you on the Huléti Boutique : the specialist in shopping baskets and suspensions, straw lights!

Shop lights: a wide variety of models for a better choice

A wide variety of lighting is available on the Huléti Boutique ! Straw pendant lights or chandeliers go beyond their primary use, which is to light up: they are decorative objects that uniquely adorn each room of an interior and give a warm appearance to any part of your home, by adding cachet. By giving your living rooms an original and authentic rendering, the suspensions and lights offered by the Huléti Boutique will not fail to surprise you. Indeed, the shop offers a wide choice of straw lampshades and suspensions with different shapes as well as different heights and diameters so that you can find the one that will perfectly suit your interior. The play of light that is created with these braided and woven straw lights and suspensions is very pleasant to contemplate and gives a very contemporary bohemian style, at the heart of current decoration trends .

Shopping basket and shopping bag: an accessory to take everywhere on a daily basis

The shopping basket is an object and accessory that has returned to the trends in recent years. These baskets and shopping bags are made using natural plant fibers such as wicker, straw, rush, rattan and many other sustainable materials that are more respectful of the environment. Their manufacture is fundamentally artisanal since each one is made meticulously by hand, thanks to different techniques of weaving and braiding the fiber. Available in several models, these bags are perfect for all circumstances! Whether you choose to go to your usual greengrocer, go shopping or go to the beach during your summer vacation, your shopping bag will be of perfect use to you. The handcrafted manufacture of shopping baskets and shopping bags guarantees an undeniable longevity of life. Different shapes are also worked to allow you to find the model that best suits your desires and needs. From a shopping bag with a rectangular shape and clean lines to a basket with a circular and colored bottom, there is only one step and this choice is offered to you thanks to the diversity and quality of the models. offered on the Huléti Boutique.

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