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More than just lighting , lights are decorative objects in their own right. They dress and bring character to interiors. They complete the decorations. Suspension, chandelier, lampshade, several models are available on the market. There is something for all tastes and all projects. Wrought iron, wood , rattan, fabric, straw , wicker, the lights are made from materials of synthetic or natural origin depending on the method of manufacture, industrial or artisanal. At Huléti, we specialize in handcrafted straw lights .

Presentation of the luminaires marketed at Huléti

We offer three models of lighting : suspensions, lampshades and bedside lamps. They are available in several styles (umbrella, conical or round) and in several sizes (small, medium, large or XXL). Made from materials of natural origin, they bring an authentic touch to interiors. All references are visible on our online store.

If you are unsure about the type of light to buy, here are four good reasons to opt for our handcrafted straw lights :

Durable, they are made from Alfa, a plant fiber ( straw , wicker, rattan, wicker or palm). They do not contain harmful substances and are safe for health. In addition, they are completely recyclable.

Eco-responsible, they are handcrafted. Indeed, they are entirely woven by hand by craftsmen of Moroccan origin, from the Safi region, with whom we work without intermediaries . By purchasing our lights, you participate in responsible consumption. You contribute to the transmission of know-how and to the dissemination of art and culture, by sharing with those around you the traditions or the history of a craftsman. Finally, you know the origin of the products purchased .

Unique, the chances of finding an identical light with the peculiarities and irregularities of the craftsmanship are very low. This gives more value to the luminaires.

Accessible in terms of price , the prices are not higher than in supermarkets. You can decorate your whole house, or certain rooms, on a budget.

Whether it is to light up a reading corner or a living room such as the living room or the kitchen, to give a special atmosphere to the rooms like a cocooning side, for a decoration or renovation project, illuminate your interior with Huléti lighting ! Access artisanal know-how at really attractive prices and benefit from advice from a passionate team!

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