The shopping trolley: the essential of the markets!

Going shopping at the market is one of the best times of the week. Being able to get the products you are looking for in a friendly and warm atmosphere is a privileged moment that all the regulars particularly appreciate. The market is also a place where you can talk and get information from vendors. Place of meetings, discoveries, one can discover novelties there, see his friends and acquaintances. Often, we end the morning leaning on the table of a café, and there, we remake the world.

The market, the camelot and the shopping bag

It could be the title of a fairy tale. I'm joking ! But there is some similarity there. The market is the precise place where we meet every week with the aim of doing our shopping and seeing “as they say” the world. We exchange news and shop . For the week, a few days, this is not necessarily the most important. However, one constant: the purchase of fresh products or not from its appointed sellers or not. We also sometimes get food novelties; which, little by little, fills the basket and when the hour of the return strikes the weight of this one begins devilishly to be felt. It is at this moment that we would like to find a more practical transport alternative. However, it does exist. The shopping bag or shopping trolley is the ideal solution.

Going to the market: the perfect way

Using a market stroller is the perfect solution to the weight problem. Indeed, this type of trolley is capable of transporting loads of between 30 and 40 kg on average. This weight being well distributed in the bag(s) is easily movable thanks to the wheels of the machine. All you have to do is pull the cart to make it roll and move it around easily.

There are three types of running bags. These models are distinguished by the wheels used. The first model is the standard shopping trolley equipped with classic wheels. It is intended more for loads between 20 and 30 kg. Then comes the shopping bag with 6 wheels, capable of carrying between 30 and 40 kg. Endowed with appreciable crossing capacities since he can "climb" a sidewalk or climb steps. Handy when you have to take stairs. Finally, the last trolley equipped with large wheels providing comfort in moving heavy loads, rigidity and solidity of the structure of the shopping bag .

It should be noted that most models are foldable , thus giving reduced storage capacity and bulk, which is far from negligible when there is a lack of space.

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