La Boutique Huléti: Shopping baskets, but not only!

Shopping is not necessarily a chore, if it can be organized with a good shopping bag , bag or shopping basket at your disposal. In addition to its utilitarian aspect to collect and protect your food, our bags and shopping bags have style, and are made of quality, elegant and solid wicker. You will become the star of the markets or the star of the supermarket with our products. Discount prices guaranteed, our online store welcomes you and offers many products, ranging from trolleys to decorative products and lighting. You will be surprised by the style, the variety of our products, their originality, all at very reasonable prices. The Boutique Huléti has only one desire: to offer you ever more everyday products, elegant and of quality, to embellish your daily life, and the passage to the races. Indulge !

The shopping cart, a new generation awaits you at La Boutique Huleti

Ultra practical and easy to store because it is removable, our shopping trolleys are the unfailing allies of your shopping at the supermarket or at your local merchants. With its 2 or 6 wheels, you will thwart all the pitfalls of the sidewalk and you will sneak everywhere. Their large capacity allows you to protect your back and arms from heavy loads. They exist in 4 different colors and will be of great service to you!
The shopping basket revisited
Bags or shopping bags, woven shopping baskets are characterized by a very summery style, lightness and practicality for the supermarket or everyday shopping. Original models , woven with dwarf palm, with dense and solid fiber, or the best-seller, wicker basket woven in Madagascar, refined and resistant will seduce you! With original colors and very successful manual weaving, they will brighten up your market session, or your visit to the beach this summer. Their irreproachable quality and their resistance to time will make them a companion throughout your summers and outings. Also fall for the blue and green shopping bags with an African wax look, with their long handles, very designer, ethnic and modern.

Decoration: come and fish for ideas!

In your interior, woven wicker can bring warmth, style and convenience. Hanging baskets in a hallway or bedroom allow you to have storage space, while brightening up your interior with this somewhat ethnic, sunny and exotic accessory. Our lights give a particular style to your ceiling light and our woven wicker cacti will brighten up a living room with a little exotic and surprising touch. Do not hesitate to treat yourself to a braided straw hat, elegant and solid, to enhance sunny days. Bulbs, linens, cotton towels complete our range of quality products, geared towards personal and home equipment. You will be surprised by the variety and originality of our woven wicker products , mainly straw, at discount prices. We have new products to present to you very regularly, so stay with us!

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