Do you want to sell our products? Boutique Huléti can be your wholesaler!

Who is the HULÉTI shop for?

Are you a company , an internet reseller, a trader on the market or an association? Why not become a reseller of our products? The wholesaler Huléti based in Normandy in the Cotentin provides you with a range of products relating to daily life via its online store. Household linen, consumable products, decorative products, household items, shopping bags, shopping baskets and trolleys, as many products are available to order. Shopping has never been easier with Huléti. But why use a wholesaler ? Is it advantageous? Let's take a look at this together.

Why use a wholesaler?

As a wholesaler Huléti is the intermediary between the producer and the retailer. In addition to buying goods in large quantities , we store them and thus offer you a regular supply.

Exceptional and artisanal products

For basketry, we collaborate with Moroccan and Malagasy suppliers. Discover our flagship collection which perfectly embodies the know-how of these manufacturers. Note the finesse of their authentic creations: colorful bags with leather handles, oval baskets, shopping bags, hanging baskets and suitcase- style baskets . Let yourself also be seduced by our collection of handbags, baskets, trunks, suspensions, toy boxes, lampshades, Moroccan leather poufs, mirrors, benches, chairs, stools in lemon tree wood, or braided suspensions. Also complete your order with a hand -woven Moroccan Berber Beni Ouarain rug or a hand-braided doum palm horse or even a straw cactus decoration. And to complete the essentials for shopping, we offer shopping trolleys with 2 wheels, 6 wheels and large wheels. We select the best suppliers and manufacturers for you and offer you excellent value for money.

Premium customer service

This shop is above all a family story . Moreover, Huléti is the contraction of the first name of the 3 children of Fanny and Loïc, the managers. Merchants for more than 10 years, they both provide customer service. Only two interlocutors, it is the guarantee of not being a simple number, but indeed a unique and pampered customer. Indeed, a reduced number of intermediaries is the guarantee of better follow-up.

Reduced delivery costs

We offer unbeatable delivery rates. If your activity is located in Cotentin , delivery is free. Count 5 € 90 via Mondial Relay and 9 € 90 for home delivery. Note that from 60 € of purchase you benefit from the free shipping costs with Mondial Relay. In addition, you can order and therefore be delivered at any time and thus ensure your restocking without any setbacks .

An advantageous collaboration

By benefiting from discount prices , you will be able to resell your products at a lower price than competitors and thus benefit from an advantageous margin. Our online store offers you the convenience of ordering whenever you want, without even having to go anywhere. You can therefore replenish your stocks at any time, with just a few clicks. Whether you are resellers in stores, at markets, fairs, shows or even the Facebook Marketplace , contact us to find out about our professional prices . So don't hesitate any longer, order online and let's team up.

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